eye care tips

If you are girl and worry about your eyes then here I am writing best tips how to take care eyes daily. As we know all girls are very conscious about their beauty and eyes takes very important part to represent our beauty in front the world

How to take care eyes daily tips

  • By avoiding rubbing eyes.
  • Always clean your hands.
  • Protect yours by sun rays.
  • Eat healthy food for your good health.
  • Beware of eye makeup.
  • Always wash your eyes at least 2 times.
  • Rest your eyes.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Wear sunglasses when going outside in the afternoon.


tips for eye

to your eyes,use safety eye wear ,eat good and healthy food like vitamin d ,e a, and always wash eye at least two time in a day, rest each 20 min , avoid dusty environment .


Healthy and beautiful eyes

Eye makeup is very simple and easy to apply for everyone it’s very classy and variant skin .beautiful and healthy eye become face more attractive. If makeup was perfect then it looks more beautiful. Beautiful and sparkly blue eyes are very attractive for face and it is also helpful for an eye to take care.

You can start makeup with concealer. if you have dark circles on your face so you can apply concealer in your dark part. you should apply concealer perfectly and then you also should need to apply face powder or a compact on your face.

Firstly apply eye shadow and eyeliner 

causally we apply kajal firstly but perfect way is firstly apply eye shadow and eyeliner. Eyeliner based on specific ocassion   plain or pointed any style do you like to pick .

Twice apply mascara 

mascara apply two times because normally when we apply firstly then some eyelashes skip for the moments in this case you should need to apply mascara two or more time for perfection or beautiful eyes and  eye take care.

By applying kajal complete makeup

when makeup was complete last think is to apply kajal for outline or a highlighter.

Round eyes larger and round almond eyes. whites of eyes are visible than almond eyes it is also good for eye take care.

Your best defined look

  1. apply a medium shade
  2. sweep medium matte
  3. shade across brow bone
  4. tightly line outer corner of upper lash line
  5. outer corner to elongate width of eye


  1. apply a light shade across lid, up to crease
  2. sweep a medium shade to outer corner of upper and lower lash line
  3. using a dark shade
  4. line upper lash lines
  5. extending out and up at outer corner to elongate width of eye

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